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Hemingway Editor & GPT-3: Improve Readability Score with ease

In this blog we will look at How to Improve readability score using AISEO readability improver which combines hemmingway editor style with GPT-3.

If you are into writing content for your online business or as a freelancer, content readability is one of the most important aspects of content writing that you must adhere to.

A lot of writers put a lot of effort into covering the subject and taking care of SEO, which is not a bad thing. However, very few of them spend time making sure the content created is easily readable.

Writing articles to publish online is very different from writing a novel. You would need to appeal to the masses that belong to a wide spectrum of language competency.

In fact, a major chunk of your target audience doesn't even have English as their first language, considering you write in English.

Your job as a content writer is to make sure you share your thoughts and knowledge with each one of them. So it is essential for you to improve readability score of any piece of content you want to publish online.

What is a Readability Score?

A readability score is a quantitative measure of the ease with which a text can be read. The score is based on factors such as the average word length and the number of syllables per word. A higher score means the text is easier to read, while a lower score means it is more difficult.

There are several ways to calculate the readability of a piece of content. One of the most popular scales is the Flesch Reading Ease score. This score ranges from 0 (very difficult to read) to 100 (very easy to read). The higher the Flesch Reading Ease score, the more readable the text.

Why is Content Readability important?

Readability is important for two reasons - Audience Engagement and SEO.

Audience engagement - The easier your content is to read and comprehend, the higher will be the chances that your audience will read them, engage with them, and share them. It goes without saying that the engagement will go down when the readability takes a dip.

SEO - Readability is used as a metric by search engines to determine how easy a piece of content is to read. This is because readable content is easier to find and understand, which can lead to more clicks on relevant pages. Therefore, content with a higher readability score will tend to appear higher in the SERPs.

A bit of context

When someone visits your website, the first thing they notice is the design. If it's cluttered or hard to read, they'll leave almost immediately. A recent study found that 79% of people will leave a website if the text is too small or difficult to read. To keep visitors engaged, you need to improve your website's readability score.

There are a few things you can do to make your website more readable. Let's go through them one by one.

How to Improve Readability Score?

The easiest way to improve the readability score is using AISEO’s powerful readability improver  tool that uses proprietary algorithms to analyze text and highlight complex sentences and paragraphs that should be simplified to make the content more readable.

In principle, it works similar to the popular Hemingway App . Except that there’s one important upgrade.

AISEO Readability Improver can not only give suggestions, it can improve the readability of an article on its own with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. More on this in the later sections of this blog.

Even though AISEO readability tool could automatically improve the readability of your content, understanding the basics of doing it manually would help you a lot when the tools fall short. No tool is perfect, so you need a fallback option.

So, let's jump into it.

1. Use short sentences

There is a lot of discussion about the best way to write - long or short sentences? The answer is, it depends.

If you are writing for a scholarly journal, then you will want to use longer, more complex sentences. However, if you are writing for a general audience, you will want to keep your sentences short and simple. This makes your writing easy to read and understand.

You should always try to make your writing more concise and less wordy. Long sentences can be difficult for readers to follow and can cause them to lose interest in your content. When you're writing, try to keep your sentences between five and fifteen words long.

So, here's the thumb rule - when choosing between a long sentence and a short one, go with the short one every time. It will make your writing more effective and easier to read.

2. Use clear and concise paragraphs

Most people dread the thought of having to read a long and uninterrupted block of text. It can be overwhelming and cause eye fatigue.

One way to make your writing more concise is to break up long paragraphs into shorter ones. This will help the reader follow your argument more easily.

It also helps the reader quickly understand what is going on with the content. Breaking up your content will help you create an easy-to-read, engaging, and user-friendly piece of marketing content.

If you're following the structure of this article, you will notice how we have broken down long paragraphs into shorter ones.

Don't be reluctant to write paragraphs as short as a single sentence, like this one.

3. Use bullet points and lists

When possible, use bullet points and lists to break up text and make it easier for readers to scan. This makes it easier for your readers to digest and understand what you’re saying.

Make sure that each bullet point or list is numbered and takes up the same amount of space as the previous bullet.

The usage of bullet points and lists also makes your content a lot more effective and professional than a huge wall of uninterrupted text that can make heads spin.

4. Avoid passive voice

One of the best ways to make your writing more interesting and engaging is to use an active voice, where the subject of the sentence performs the action.

Avoid passive voice as much as possible. This makes your writing more concise and easy to follow, and it also gives your words a more positive tone.

5. Use common English grammar rules

Grammar is one of the most important aspects of writing, and it can affect your content's readability. A well-written piece with proper grammar can be easily understood by the reader. However, a piece with poor grammar can be difficult to read and understand.

So be sure to proofread your work for grammar mistakes and typos.

6. Use common, everyday words

When we write, we want our readers to be able to understand us. However, sometimes we use words that are not common, everyday words. This can make our writing harder to read. There are many ways to make our writing more readable. One way is to use common, everyday words.

There are many reasons why using common words is a good idea.

First, common words are easier for readers to understand. They don’t have to stop and think about what the word means.

Second, common words are easier for writers to use. We don’t have to spend time looking up definitions or trying to figure out how to use the word correctly.

Third, using common words can help us sound more like normal people and less like experts or scholars. Finally, using common words often makes our writing more concise.

7. Use cleaner fonts

Font choice is important when it comes to creating a document or presentation. Some fonts are easier to read than others and can help reduce eye strain.

A cleaner font, such as Arial or Times New Roman, is a good option for presentations or documents that will be printed or viewed by a large audience. These fonts are simple and easy to read, without any extra bells and whistles that might distract from the content.

8. Use a readable font size

When you're designing a document, presentation, or website, it's important to choose a font size that's easy to read.

Many people prefer a font size of at least 16 points, but you may need to go even larger for some audiences.

If your text is too small, people will have to strain their eyes to read it, which can be frustrating and tiring.

On the other hand, if the font size is too large, it can be overwhelming and distracting.

So how do you find the right balance?

The best way to determine the right font size is to experiment with different sizes and see what works best for your audience. You may also want to consider the type of content you're presenting.

9. Get your content proofread

Yes. What might look fine to you is probably not so for someone else. So it's important to take another opinion of whether you have written an article of a good readability.

Now that you have a fair idea about how to improve the readability of your content, and your basics are in place, we shall jump into the solutions we have in place - Hemingway Editor, GPT-3, and AISEO.

What is Hemingway Editor?

Hemingway Editor is a free online tool that helps writers improve their writing.

Hemingway Editor is popular among bloggers, students, and business professionals who want to produce high-quality content.

The app highlights potential problems in your text and offers corrections. It helps to remove or simplify unnecessary words and phrases, replace complex sentences with shorter sentences, and a lot more.

The best part is that it is highly accurate and very easy to use.

What is OpenAI GPT-3?

GPT-3 is the latest in a series of machine learning language models from OpenAI, and it has been making waves in the artificial intelligence community for its ability to generate high-quality content.

It was released in 2020 and is the successor to GPT-2, which was released in the previous year. GPT-3 is said to be significantly more accurate than its predecessor and can generate longer passages of text.

The model is based on a recurrent neural network, which allows it to learn from past data to generate new text. This makes GPT-3 particularly useful for applications like machine translation and text generation.

Does Hemingway Editor use GPT-3?

No, GPT-3 does not use GPT-3 or any artificial intelligence-powered language model for that matter.

Then why does the title of this article talk about both Hemingway Editor and GPT-3 in one sentence?

It's because that's exactly what we have built at AISEO.

Let me explain.

Hemingway Editor is an excellent tool that is used by thousands of content writers around the world. And the GPT-3 is the new tech that many of them are diving into the make their jobs easier and faster.

So, we thought about borrowing the best of both worlds to create something unique - a Hemingway Editor-like readability improver tool powered by GPT-3!

Yes, with the help of AISEO's Readability Improver, you can analyze your content to find out areas of potential improvement, and let the AI take care of the rest for you.

How AISEO's Hemingway-style Readability Improver can help

Now, we will show you how AISEO's GPT-3-powered Readability Improver can enhance the readability of your content with a few clicks.

Step 1 - Go to AISEO's dashboard and click on Readability Improver, or   click here .

Step 2 - Paste your content in the box on the left (input).

AISEO will analyze your content and highlight the phrases and sentences that need to be replaced with simplified versions.

Step 3 - Click on the Improve button at the bottom of the input box.

Now sit back and let the AI do its magic.

A couple of minutes and you will have the simplified output on the right-side box.

Step 4 - If there are still a few highlighted areas in the output, simply select them and click on the Improve Readability button from the inline menu.

Step 5 - Proofread the final output.

Voila! You've just fixed all readability issues with your article in a few minutes and without a lot of effort.


The game is simple. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short, avoid complex words and jargon, and don't forget to run a readability test before hitting the publish button.

If you're a beginner, or in a hurry, having a tool like AISEO can help a lot. However, it's super important that you are comfortable with taking the manual route if needed.

While we can't stress enough how important it is to make your content readable, it's also important to realize that it's not the only deciding factor in content marketing. There are several other metrics, but they are out of scope for this article.