Using AISEO Right: A Balance of Power and Responsibility

At AISEO, we're all about providing powerful AI tools for everyone. But, like all tools, they're best used responsibly. Whether you’re on our Team Plan, Scale Plan, or enjoying our Lifetime Plans, our Fair Usage Guide is here to ensure everyone gets the best out of AISEO.

Quick Breakdown

Our Fair Usage Guide ensures that everyone gets a seamless AISEO experience.

AISEO is designed for teams, but here’s the golden rule: one account = one user. Sharing’s sweet, but not with accounts.

Fair Usage Limits

1. No Automated Mass-Production: We're fans of efficiency, but using scripts or tools to mass-produce content isn't in the spirit of AISEO. If we spot such actions, your account will take a brief time-out.
2. Daily Word Limit: Generating content is exciting, but over 80K words daily? That’s stretching it. Exceed this, and we'll need to have a closer look at your activities.
3. One Account, One User: We value honesty. Sharing accounts or logging in as a group? That’s a gray area. We'll suspend accounts that have multiple fingerprints.

Stepped Outside the Guidelines?

Mistakes happen. If you veer off course:
Suspend: Your account will take a temporary breather.
Discuss: We'll reach out to chat about the oversight.
Reactivate: Once all's understood, you’re back in action!
But, continuous detours might lead to a final goodbye from AISEO. And if it comes to that, refunds won’t be part of the farewell.

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