Frequently Asked Questions

AISEO will enable you to generate short and long form SEO content in a fraction of the time it takes with other services.


What does the subscription/credits renewment mean?
How do I change my email address?
How do I cancel my subscription?
How are credits consumed?


Can I add members with my account?
Which plans will be able to add team members?


Do you provide LTD for unlimited generations?
Do you provide any discount on LTD codes?
What does the subscription/credits renewment mean?
What should I do if my credits didn’t renew after the renewment date?
Is there a monthly add-on for unlimited generations?

LongForm Assistant

What does consume credits, and what doesn’t in the longform assistant?
How do I download the document after finishing the generation in the longform editor?
How many languages are available in the long-form assistant?


Does the paraphraser save data after generation?
How to paraphrase with 100% unique output?
How to download the output of the paraphrasing after finishing?

Chrome extension

Is there a tutorial on how the extension works?
What should I do if the extension is not returning output?
What are the available modes, and what does each mode do?
What is the difference between inline tools and sidebar popup?