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Passive Voice Examples

In this blog we will look into Passive Voice Examples.

Passive Voice Examples

You can use active or passive sentences without any issues. But using passive voice frequently will create issues for the readers. In spoken and written language, we frequently utilize the active. In an active sentence, the subject does the action, whereas, in a passive sentence, the subject is the recipient of the action. Learn how to construct a passive sentence, insert an active verb into a passive sentence, and construct the passive voice tenses by the following passive voice examples.

Passive Voice and Active Voice Sentence Structure

Start by determining the verb in the sentence to stop using passive voice and active voice. This will make it much simpler for you to recognize and avoid passive voice in your own work. Before passive voice, with examples, let's understand the sentence structure of passive voice and active voice.

 Active Voice Structure

 Subject + Verb+ Object 

Passive Voice Structure

Object + verb +subject 

Some Passive Voice Examples

You should keep these simple passive voice rules in mind while changing passive voice sentences to active voice. Here are some active and passive voice examples. These passive voice examples will make you understand passive voice in a better way.

Active Voice: I will never forget this experience.

Passive Voice: This experience will never be forgotten by me.

Active Voice: Mother made a cake yesterday.

Passive Voice: A cake was made by my mother yesterday.

Active Voice: The boy teased the girl.

Passive Voice: The girl was teased by the boy.

We hope the above examples above will help us understand passive and active voices clearly

How to form the Passive

Form of to be + past participle (3rd form) of the verb

Tense    Passive form

  1. Present tense- am / is / are + 3rd form of verb
  2. Past tense- was/were + 3rd form of the verb
  3. Future tense- will be + 3rd form of the verb
  4. Present perfect tense- have/has been + 3rd form of the verb
  5. Past perfect tense- had been + 3rd form of the verb

 Passive voice examples according to the above rule:

  • The room is cleaned every day.
  • The dogs are sold as pets by their breeder.
  • A lot of guests are invited to a party.

How Can I Detect Passive Voice in a Sentence?

Due to shortened deadlines, many students have lengthy assignments and cannot proofread for passive voice. The same thing happens with professional writers and content creators. While using an AISEO passive voice checker tool might assist professionals in saving a lot of time and completing more work. Passive voice errors are common; however, they might alter the sentence's style.

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