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Passive Voice Exercises

In this blog we will look into Passive Voice Exercises.

Passive Voice Exercises

Although active and passive voice is a crucial grammar concept for kids, it is equally crucial for anyone who is involved in writing. To solve passive voice exercises, every writer should familiar with verbs. The passive voice exercises involving the active and passive voices can only be successfully completed by a person with a firm grasp of verbs. 

What are some Passive Voice exercises?

The active and passive voice exercises below will help you practice and ensure that your understanding is crystal clear. The tasks are made to determine if the fundamental ideas of active and passive voice are understood.

Passive Voice Exercises

Active Voice: The police have caught the thief.

Active Voice: She has written a novel.

Active Voice: Scientists have discovered traces of ice on the surface.


Passive Voice: The thief has been caught by the police.  

Passive Voice: A novel has been written by her.  

Passive Voice: Traces of ice have been discovered on the surface of Mars by scientists.

Can I change Passive Voice to active voice with any software?

There are two ways to change passive voice to active voice: manually or via any online tool. 

Manual Passive Voice Checker and Changer: Manual is the primary and oldest way to identify the passive voice in a sentence and change it. You need to spend hours and put a lot of effort into doing it. Furthermore, it will cost you much if you plan to hire someone.

Online Passive Voice Checker and Changer: This is the fastest and most preferred way to detect passive voice in any writing. There are numerous tools available to help you deal with passive voice. You just need to put the text, and the online passive voice detector will do the rest work for you.

How AISEO Passive voice checkera online tool can help you?

You don't have to follow any kind of passive voice rules while using AISEO passive voice converter. The passive voice writing may be accurate in some places, but if you use passive voice in writing forcefully to lengthen your content, it would be wrong. Our passive voice to active voice converter can do your job in a few seconds with the help of artificial intelligence. Below are some features of the AISEO passive voice corrector tool. 

Feature of AISEO passive voice checker

Applicable to Any Text

You can check any text for passive voice in a sentence with our AISEO passive voice checker. Whatever the case may be—an essay, an article, or any other kind of document. Our passive voice converter can identify passive sentences in every type of document. It also helps you to change passive voice to active voice.

Easily Accessible

There is no need to download unnecessary apps to use our passive voice detector tool. You only need to go to the website and paste the text to detect passive voice. It is user-friendly and recommended by many professionals.

Instant Detection

You can access our passive voice checker tool whenever and wherever you need it. hours a day, you can use it. According to the context of your material, it recognizes each passive voice sentence, highlights it, and suggests a correction for passive voice in a sentence. Proofreading is not necessary if you have used it to check your document.


Our passive voice detector helps you save lots of time. It facilitates the quick removal of the passive voice from excessively lengthy papers. It not only points out the errors but also makes correction recommendations so that your content is readable and accurate.